Paul Dhillon

Paul Dhillon is the founder of Cultivated Solutions, an e-learning and talent development company that fills educational gaps in the emerging cannabis industry.

He is an experienced Customer Relations Specialist with expertise developing strategy, implementing sales initiatives, and building high-performing teams. Paul believes sustaining high levels of sales comes from lasting customer relationships that inspire customer loyalty. He has dedicated himself to battling public misconceptions of cannabis and introducing new users to responsible use practices.

Paul founded Cultivated Solutions to help introduce the public to the cannabis industry and provide educational resources to individuals looking to enter the industry. Cultivated Solutions offers customizable e-learning solutions for potential retailers, processors, and growers. They will also conduct seminars across the country to educate the public on the benefits and harms of cannabis, its uses, effects, history, and other relevant information and misconceptions.

We are excited to be welcoming Dhillon to Edmonton, Alberta’s Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day on Friday, April 13th where he will be a key speaker presenting the seminar Business Opportunities/New Private Retail Sector: Business opportunities related to funding, security, branding, consulting, laboratory testing, law, accounting, packaging, horticulture, among many others. Q & A with audience members.
Dhillon will also be speaking about Careers in Cannabis: What opportunities are available, what skills and talents are they looking for, what are some of the position names and brief outlines, with a guided look at transferable skills, at #CannabisCon on April 14th in Edmonton, Alberta.