Cam Battley

Cam Battley is Chief Corporate Officer at Aurora Cannabis, a producer of medical cannabis and cannabis oils under license from Health Canada. He is the lead external-facing executive of the Company, responsible for establishing and managing relationships with shareholders, analysts, media, regulators, governments, and other companies and organizations operating in the cannabis sector.

He also chairs the Executive Committee, acts as liaison with the Board, and ensures organizational alignment across the Company’s operations, domestic and international. Cam is a member of the Board of Directors of Cannabis Canada, the trade association of Licensed Producers. With a background as a health sector management consultant, he combines experience in government, health care NGOs, and the biopharmaceutical industry.

In 1997, Cam founded Health Strategy Group, Inc., a management consultancy with global clients, ranging from health professional and patient NGOs, to innovative and generic pharmaceutical firms, and biotechnology and medical device companies.

Prior to moving to consulting, Cam worked for Eli Lilly and Company, as Director of Communications for Canada. He arrived in the health sector after serving as Legislative Assistant to the Canadian Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, where he was responsible for developing legislation and shepherding it through the House of Commons, as well as negotiating with stakeholder groups and opposition parties.

Cam is also the founder of Wind Gage Communications, Inc., a video and film production company. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Micron Waste Technologies, Inc., and of Campaigning for Cancer (South Africa).

Cam lives in rural Ontario, Canada with his wife and two children. He coaches boys’ and girls’ soccer teams, and is a Scout leader. He is a trail runner and PADI certified Rescue Diver.

We are excited to welcome Battley to Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day in Edmonton Alberta April 13th, who will be joining the Presidents Panel at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, discussing how each of these business leaders speaking became involved in Cannabis, the challenges of becoming a Licensed Producer, and a look forward in the industry.